Motorola Dinara could be yet another upcoming smartphone in the US company’s portofolio, but this one really has some interesting specifications. Moto has been keeping busy lately, launching the Droid 3 model and the Droid 2X just a while ago. Now, with the Bionic coming and the Triumph too, will there be room for the Dinara out there?

Rumors are claiming that this newcomer packs a Texas Instruments chipset (no info on cores or clocking), 1GB of RAM and a 4.5 inch display. This screen is supposed to support a HD resolution, making this the first 720p model, unless some other company launches one first. Other than that, we get a 13 megapixel camera at the back, if the rumors are true, plus a VGA cam upfront.

Launch is supposed to go down in late 2011 and Verizon Wireless could be the carrier of this unit, that’s pretty predictable, considering their history with Motorola.