After seeing the Motorola Droid 3 announced in China as the Milestone 3, it’s only logical that the US gets this new model. Verizon Wireless is of course the carrier to launch the handset and we now have a launch time frame for it, according to a leak. Supposedly, the new Droid will debut on July 14th.


The info comes from Android enthusiast blog Droid Attic, that posted a screenshot from the internal Best Buy inventory system. The image shows that the model will arrive in stock on July 13th and the launch of the Droid 3 will go down on the 14th. Reasons to get this model? Plenty: 4 inch qHD display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 8MP camera with 1080p capture and 16GB of internal storage.

As a bonus you also get a slideout QWERRTY keyboard so imagine a HTC Sensation unit with more internal memory and a sliding keyboard plus changed design, if you want to .

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