Stephen Elop is the bearer of bad news for those of you who loved this week’s star, Nokia N9, It appears that this is the first and last MeeGo model made by the Finns. This unit can still become a best seller in spite of the $660 price tag, that some may not be willing to pay.


The info about the lack of future MeeGo models comes from Elop, quoted by the Helsing Sanomat publication. The same CEO said that he believes very much in Nokia’s Window Phone units and their ability to become hits. Feedback from telecom operators and consumers in test groups has been positive regarding the Windows Phone handset.

Elop also promised to unveil a set of new “inventions” that will improve the competitiveness of Nokia in the mobile segment. We’re looking forward to that, but it’s most likely that this will happen in the fall, so the wait is long.

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