Last week there was a rumor floating around on the interwebs, saying that Motorola and Verizon have teamed up in order to release a brand new line of Droid handsets. It’s supposed to be called Droid Ultra, with Ultra replacing the RAZR branding. Today we have more proof about the new products!



A landing page on Motorola’s website seems to confirm the existence of the Ultra lineup. There are no pictures here sadly, since the page is a work in progress, but there’s a very interesting paragraph, advising users to “think thin”. The same paragraph says that the new handsets will be available in a “bunch of glossy colors” and a “DuPont Kevlar body”.

The body of the new smartphones is much thinner than the predecessors’ and will be “tough as steel”. With the LG Optimus G2 looking scary thin and offering a cool design, Motorola may have felt the need to one up their South Korean rivals and launch new models, that are thin and very, very resilient. Is Kevlar once again Motorola trademark for phones?

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