Remember those leaked Motorola handsets we saw in the last weeks of 2008? They were part of the Verizon roadmap for 2009 and here’s some fresh news on one of them, Moto Inferno, that will hit the market pretty soon as Motorola Torch.



Verizon will begin their hardware trial with Moto Inferno/Torch this month, so we’re bound to see an official announcement any day now. The design of the new device is an indication that we’re dealing with a Moto Krave ZN4 follow-up, so you might come to know it as Krave 2 or Blaze 2.

We’ve got no info on the features of this promising flip phone and even the design in the image above isn’t 100% sure, as Moto have changed its looks a bit, according to the latest rumours.

[via Unwired View]

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