Before Obama became USA’s number one man, he was an avid BlackBerry user, as he had two such RIM devices, but his current position in state demanded that he quit his techy habbits.


Here’s a video report on the status of the president’s gadgetry:

So, it turns out that he MIGHT have a Sectera Edge, the $3300 BlackBerry replacement and a BlackBerry? The Sectera would be for “office” use, while the BB would be useful for staying in touch with family and friends. However, why would Mister Obama need two devices when the Edge handles his messaging/email/phone needs perfectly?

Sectera Edge features a classified button that allows the device to enter a “Classified” mode, that applies to confidential text messages and phone calls. Once the screen goes red, Obama’s on the record and chatting about the country. Will RIM develop a safer BlackBerry for the President at some point?

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