Winter’s getting ready to kick in, but with this global warming, there’s going to be a tropical Christmas it seems. What better way to celebrate a heated holiday than a bunch of colored handsets? Motorola has just announced the Cocktail Mint and Cocktail Tropical phones, which don’t come with hot features, but impress with their colourful design.

The two devices are quite similar, except for the fact that Cocktail Mint is colored with black, mint and white, while Cocktail Tropical is a mix of white, light green, violet and orange. Both handsets come with a wine dictionary and Cocktail Mint supports 3G connectivity and features a microSD slot plus a 2.2 inches QVGA screen.

This phone’s also got a camera, but the megapixel count is unknown, although we can suppose that Kodak is at it again. No info on pricing and launch dates just yet…

[via Unwired View]

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