Remember the Webtop project from Motorola? Showcased at CES 2011 and having the Atrix phone at its center, this concept involved uniting a smartphone with a laptop and TV set, all of them running on the WebTop platform. And now Motorola has cancelled it…


The idea was to have the Motorola Atrix 4G and the likes connecting to a supported accessory, such as the Laptop Dock or the HD multimedia dock and launch it in an environment based on Ubuntu, one that synced up with the handset. This was seen as one of the biggest innovations at CES last year. Rumors about this canning came weeks ago, but now Motorola officially stated that it was killing the project.

They also said that Webtop helps the user expand the smartphone experience to larger screens. The problem is that the adoption rate was too low to make this product viable. The prices have gone down a lot for it, but that’s not going to be any good, if WebTop doesn’t get anymore support and upgrades. So we can add one more product to the list of cancelled promising projects, after MeeGo, WebOs and a few more names. Maybe Google will use the expertise to come up with Android 5.0, that’s rumored to run on notebooks and integrated Chrome OS features.

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