CES 2010 debuts this week in Vegas and we’re waiting for it impatiently, since the event is sure to bring tons of interesting devices to the scene. Among those there might also be a bunch with Motorola branding on them, two new handsets to be more precise, or so claims Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdry.


This announcement may or may not happen, although we tend to be optimistic and hope for the best. Turns out that the two handsets include an Android model, meant to reach AT&T and packing an OLED display, plus a physical keyboard. This mystery Moto device will not rely on the MotoBlur interface, but rather on “Google experiences”.

The other handset also runs Android, but it’s meant for Verizon’s network, packs an OLED display as well, but it gives up on the physical keyboard. Expect the mystery to blow away on January 6 in Las Vegas, when Motorola has an event scheduled.

[via blogs.barrons.com]

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