Motorola just unveiled a bunch of new demo videos for Android 4.0, showcasing the features of the OS and especially the new UI elements. Don’t worry as the interface hasn’t changed that much from the stock version of the latest Android, so all of you Motoblur haters can rest easy.


I’m not a big fan of Motoblur myself and although that name doesn’t exist anymore, the custom UI from Motorola exists and it didn’t impress me on the Droid RAZR. The only thing that did was the app that can be set up to perform tasks in certain circumstances or at certain locations and times of day. Back to the videos, you can see them below, showing what Android 4.0 brings to your compatible Motorola phone. The lockscreen now includes 4 shortcuts instead of two, with the two new ones being the phone and messages app.

The icons and widgets were also given a different look, while everything else looks pretty much the same. The camera UI seems pretty unique to me, both in icons and in the placement of options, plus I find the timelapse feature to be very interesting, even on a modern phone. I wish more modern handsets had such options… In case you’re wondering, the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX are expected to get Android ICS in the coming weeks.

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