While everyone is having a look at Samsung’s first Android phone, the I7500, Motorola also goes Google, and details its very first Android handsets, Calgary and IRONMAN.


Calgary is the company’s first Android-based phone, packing a sliding QWERTY keypad and focusing on social networking. Expect it to hit the market in Q2.


Moving on to IRONMAN, this is a mere codename of a second Android phone made by Moto, that will hit the market by the end of Q3, packing a top CPU, WiFi, 3G and a high resolution camera. Not all is good in the Motorola camp, as the company has just cancelled Flash and Inferno, two pretty promising phones.

Finally, we also learn that Motorola is preparing a brand new luxury handset, the Rolex, that uses Aura’s display and is made out of hardened glass. A pricey limited edition or a “mass market” luxury phone?




[via BGR 1 and 2]

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