March 1st was the official ending for Mobile World Congress 2012 and it brought a ceremony where the best products of the last year got a prize. The prizes are for excellence, quality and already we knew that Nokia 808 PureView got its prize early, as the “best new phone”. Apple and Samsung also got awards, but more about that after the break.


Apple didn’t even take part in MWC 2012, but still it got an award for creating the best tablet, the iPad 2. Samsung Galaxy S II was awarded the “best smartphone” title and it huge sales from last year confirm this status. The best entry level phone was considered the Nokia C3-00, while Samsung was named the “best device maker of the year”. Angry Birds Rio also got a prize, being considered the best mobile app over the past year and Google Maps was named the best mobile service.

Tim Minchin was the host of the awards event and in case you don’t know this name, he’s a comediant and a singer that’s popular in some parts of Europe. Anne Bouverot, the GSMA general director opened the show and there were around 600 nominees for the prizes, in case you want to know. Gizmodo was one of the media partners for this event and I’m sure that Apple found that ironic after suing them for that “borrowed” iPhone 4 prototype from 2010. In case you want to see the full list of winners, here it is.

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