It’s been quite an adventure yesterday, as we tried to catch a glimpse at the Nokia novelty and ended up in a room where only “second rate journalists” were held, or something… It appears that some people were actually in the room with the stage and the speakers, while our editor Zsolt had to be content with a room with a screen that showed the people from Nokia talking about innovation.


Well, for those of you as unlucky as we were, we have the conference right here on video, as much as we could get it. If you’re into storytelling, know that we started the day early, got to the conference half an hour early, sat in a long queue and were part of a selection. Some people were sent to the conference room, while others, like us were sent to a room nearby where there was only a projection of what was going on in the main room. And to top that, we have no decent Internet or power for our laptop.

If I knew that I wouldn’t have attended the Nokia event, honestly speaking. It was all a big fail, if you ask me, especially the transmission, with people’s heads being cut off and sometimes we even got delays or too fast shots of the just introduced handsets, so you couldn’t even see what Elop and co were talking about. Till now only HTC rocked the house with a great conference, well ASUS too, aside from the lack of Internet. Maybe next year Nokia will not discriminate journalists any more…

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