The past week marked a very strange leak of a Moto phone, the so called Moto G5 Plus, that was somehow on sale in Romania of course unofficially. Today we come across another leak of a Moto device, this time a mystery Moto phone with a dual front camera and a flash too for selfies.

This time the leak comes from good old Weibo and it’s shown as the picture above. Sadly, we have zero hints on the identity of the product and what we see is what we get. The device is powered off and seems to have a generous earpiece, a sticker with 4G LTE support confirmed and a pretty generous selfie flash. To get this out of the way, this doesn’t seem to be the Moto G5 Plus model leaked recently.

The presence of dual front cameras is a premiere for the Moto brand, but other companies have been doing that a lot lately and Vivo comes to mind for example. A hybrid SIM slot should be here, letting the user rely on a microSD card or a SIM card in the same slot. The same fugly fingerprint scanner sits at the front side and we seem to be getting a gold color metal frame on the sides.

Don’t be surprised if there’s also a back dual camera, but that’s only a hunch of mine. We can’t yet say if the dual cam setup upfront is only for selfies, or if an iris scanner also rears its head.