The leak of the day has to do with a Nokia inspirational promo clip, that you can watch below. The one minute and 40 second clip seems to show basic technological achievements, but if you look closely there are some surprises, including phones.


I’ll remind you that Nokia’s obligations towards Microsoft force them to wait till Q4 this year if they launch new mobile hardware. Well, in this clip we spotted two girls taking selfies with a plastic glossy phone at the 1:23 mark, while two geishas are laughing over a picture taken with a high end cameraphone at 1:27.


That looks a lot like a future gen Pureview cameraphone of sorts, with an extendable objective of sorts. The glossy phone has a protruding camera, a plasticky body and feels like a HTC Desire maybe. There’s also the OZO camera in the mix, plus what seems to be an iPad tablet, or better said the Nokia N1, but this slate seems bigger… Lately we’ve seen a ton of Nokia leaks, related to smartwatches and even a Nokia phone that looked like the HTC One A9.


That would bring the total number of models leaked lately from Nokia to 3, plus an extra one in the hands of the people in Africa, looking like an entry level unit. And what about that clip? Very well done!