Everybody wants a Project Ara phone, but as the time passes the lack of a commercially available unit is becoming bothersome. Till then we’ve got the Nexpaq modular smartphone case to keep us warm. This is a Kickstarter project, that’s detailed below.



Basically, it’s a smartphone case that turns your handset into sort of a Project Ara device. The case allows you to attach swappable modules, that give the device new features, much like Project Ara. The modules are tile-shaped and can be clicked in and out of the back of the accessory. The company behind this product claims that each one of their cases comes with a built in 1000 mAh battery, that will juice up the phone with 30% to 60% extra.


Nexpaq has 12 modules planned right now, with options like an SD card reader, LED flashlight, USB flash and 64 GB of storage. Other modules include a laser pointer, breathalyzer, temperature reader and humidity scanner. The case is able to work on both an Android phone and an iPhone. The company’s funding goal has already been surpassed on Kickstarter, so the project will happen.

Funders can preorder a Nexpaq modular phone case with 4 modules for $109. However, you’ll have to wait till next January for the product to ship. There’s also a special beta bundle for the iPhone 6, arriving this November for $99.

via Kickstarter

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