Bloomberg has the scoop on some very interesting PSP-related facts. For one, Sony will announce a new version of the PlayStation Portable console on January 27th, next week, while the Xperia Play (PSP Phone) will become official during the Mobile World Congress event in February.


The Xperia Play is not a surprise any more, since we basically know everything there is to know about it, like the fact that it runs Android 2.3, comes with a 1GHz CPU and a sliding gaming control area. What’s really interesting is the new PSP versions, since we didn’t see that coming.

Sony is also rumored to announce a new software ecosystem for its devices, according to Bloomberg’s sources. It’ll incorporate the company’s entertainment services, it’ll provide apps, games, movies, music and more. Also, this new platform will link together TVs, handhelds and other Sony gear.

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