Nokia 5530 XpressMusic has just been reviewed by the folks of Techradar, who published a huge analysis of the handset, that’s 13 page long, so if you’re up for some reading be sure to check the full review right here. In the mean time, we have a look at the some of the highlights concerning the new music phone.


Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is basically a smaller 5800 XpressMusic, since it packs a smaller 2.9 inch display and feels pretty lightweight. You can call this a “budget phone”, since it retails for £129.99 at Carphone Warehouse and moving on to the analysis of the handset, we discover that it feels nice in the user’s hand, but also a bit plasticky.

A good thing is that you can access the memory card and SIM card from the outside of the handset, so there’s no need to remove the back cover and battery like in the case of other modern devices. Just like the 5800, Nokia 5330 XpressMusic comes with a stylus, embedded in the left side of the phone and this accessory will be useful, specially since the handset doesn’t quite interact with the user’s fingers.


Also like its higher end predecessor, 5530 XpressMusic impresses through its stereo speakers, that give out a decent sound quality, even if you play tunes out loud in a noisy environment. Video playback can be a little bit disappointing, since it’s limited to around 300 x 212 pixels, but that’s the quality you get on a 2.9 inch screen and I’m sure you won’t have any DVD quality movies on the 4GB microSD card bundled with the phone.

[via dailymobile]