Nokia is an expert at something and that’s not necessarily making phones, but… trying. They try to create an innovative software platform, they try to launch a great iPhone rival, they try to create an uber-cameraphone, they  never get tired of trying. This time, they acquired Novarra, the creator of the Vision browser, trying to enter the mobile browser market.


Novarra is a Chicago company that created the Vision browser, that will most likely be used by Nokia on its future devices (S40 ones specially). Vision has been in use since 2002 on smartphones and feature phones, with the advantage of providing widget and Adobe flash support. We don’t yet know if Nokia will settle with using this software, or use Novarra’s expertise to create a new browser.

Nokia recently announced that a new service based on the American company’s technology will be launched later in 2010. Novarra will become a Nokia subsidiary soon after the closing of the acquisition, in Q2 this year.

[via cellular-news]

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