As you know, the lucky folks of Mobile Review managed to preview Nokia E72 for the first time and we know almost all that’s needed about E71’s follow-up. We remind you that the E71 sold millions of units since its launch and we can think of no reason why the E72 wouldn’t perform the same way.


Nokia E72 weighs 128 grams and measures 114 x 59 x 10.1mm, so we’re talking about a device that should fit any pocket and bag. The chrome-plated edge of the handset gives it the needed style, while the back cover is made of stainless steel, just like on the E71. One thing you’ll notice is the 3.5mm connector at the upper side of the phone, an upgrade from the 2mm audio jack of the previous model.


The display of Nokia E72 is the same as the one on E71, a 2.36 inch screen with a QVGA resolution (320 x 240 pixels), ready to display 8 lines of text and 3 service lines. There are also some modes that’ll display up to 14 lines of text. Moving on to the battery, we learn that the handset comes with the same Li-Polymer unit of the its predecessor, providing 12.5 hours of talk time (GSM) and 20 hours in standby mode.

Know that the smartphone also includes 128MB RAM, 256MB user memory and a microSD memory card slot, for an extra of 32GB storage. More details in the full review, right here.

[via mobilecrunch]