Nokia Lumia 800 has been talked about recently and why shouldn’t it be, considering the marketing push behind it? Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spilled from Microsoft’s accounts to promote the upcoming Nokia phones with WP7, but till then we learn that the USA is not neglected and it will eventually get the Lumia 800.


Apparently, AT&T will bring it to US shores, surprisingly enough in a 4G LTE version, if my info is correct. At the time Windows Phone 7.5 Mango doesn’t support LTE connectivity, so maybe Nokia wants to wait for the future update to come to the USA. There’s another idea, the one that Nokia might get special treatment from Microsoft, that will allow them to include LTE on the handsets.

Of course, this would piss off the likes of HTC and Samsung, so Microsoft doesn’t want to do that, do they? As far as I know LTE is seen as a feature for the future generation of Windows Phone chassis, so there’s not much hope here. Who would need LTE on that poor IE 9 anyway?! I am disappointed by it, frankly…

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