In spite of the very first MeeGo Phone, Nokia N9 not being listed for launch in some important countries such as the US, UK or Spain, the handset has just been spotted in an official listing in Italy. No launch date has been mentioned, but as you can see below, at least we have a confirmation of a future debut.


This model is accompanied by several other low end Nokia devices, that will also come soon. However, the N9 doesn’t even have a “coming soon” mark just yet… Last we heard, Nokia was closing down shops (especially online) in Japan and the UK, so it’s pretty clear where we won’t be seeing the N9 at all…

As far as Italy is concerned, they’ll probably get this handset in limited numbers and with the price previously leaked, $660 for the basic 16GB version of the phone. Another previous leak had the N9 ready for launch in Sweden in September, if everything goes well. It’s going to be an interesting autumn, with Western countries maybe getting a taste of Nokia’s WP7 unit, while the others get MeeGo.

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