The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here: Nokia N900 gets unboxed in front of the camera, courtesy of the guys of Phonedog, who also take us through a tour of the device. Nokia N900 gets compared to the hottest device right now, Motorola Droid:


After the unboxing experience, we have a look at the handset’s solid design, its stand, ports, external look and the cool 3.5 inch touchscreen display. Is it able to match Droid’s 3.7 inch screen? Time and tests will tell, but for now, we’re fascinated by the look of the Maemo OS and its huge potential plus feats.

As you can see, both devices sports a sliding QWERTY keyboard and the N900 comes with an impressive ARM Cortex A8 processor, 256 MB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Some consider this a rival to the HTC HD2, but it can also compete with Moto Droid easily and any other smartphone on the market.

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