If you’ve ever wondered who’s behind the newest Nokia smartphone, the N97, the answer comes through the promotional video below. It shows the work of the folks of Nokia, as the handset was ushered into this world:

It’s all “blood, sweat and tears”, as the team creates the future Nokia hit (or miss), the company’s first touchscreen and QWERTY-packing device. Of course, we’re dealing with a promotional video, so expect to see cliches, like beautiful scenery or touching music in the background.

The N97 project is based in Tokyo, while the industrial design was done in Finland, the mechanics in Tokyo and the software involved an international team that included members from Boston, Dallas, India, China and Singapore.

Too bad that the result of sweat and blood seems to be bringing Nokia tears, because quite a bunch of websites have criticized their smartphone’s CPU lately.

[via Mobile Spots]