It appears that Nokia has been subjected to blackmail for the past 7 years or so, by someone who has stolen their Symbian encryption key. The info came out via a Finnish website and the main part of the blackmail took part in 2007.



The National Bureau of Investigation claims this is still going on and the people responsible couldn’t be caught. The blackmailer managed to get the Symbian Signed code, which would allow phones to install apps that are not approved by Nokia. Back in 2007 50% of the smartphones sold in the world were made by Nokia, so it’s a pretty serious matter. Nokia did pay the ransom and the key didn’t get misused in the end.

The blackmailer was paid in cash and the money was left in a parking lot of an amusement park, like in the movies. That happened in Tampere, Finland and police lost the blackmailer and the money, so they couldn’t catch him. We wonder what else is happening behind the scenes of other major device makers…

Via mynokiablog

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