Nokia is ready to embrace Windows Phone, but are its fans also ready? For those who are not up to speed with what’s going on in the tech world, it will be hard to get used to the notion Nokia + Microsoft = Windows Phone. Some are still associating Nokia with Symbian, good hardware designs and antique software.


Well, now the Finns are ready to invest $130 million into rebranding, letting everyone know about their new Windows Phone direction. The information comes from UK’s Marketing Magazine and the advertising campaign is set to begin in October and it’s supposed to be a global one, lasting for 6 months. Considering Microsoft is still losing market share fast, they also could need such a campaign.

Nokia is known for its marketing stunts, like using a couple of buildings in Sweden as canvas for a huge projector connected via HDMI to a Nokia N8. Pyramid Research’s analysts are convinced that Windows Phone will surpass Android in 2013, but till then there’s a long PR war to go through.

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