Oh Nokia, what have you done? We hoped that with the new CEO, Stephen Elop and all the officials you replaced, things were going to get better. Symbian is a failure, let’s admit it and recently we’ve heard it started losing more and more developers, in favor of Android. Meanwhile, Nokia stuns us with surprising news, claiming that it’ll keep Symbian as the main OS for the enterprise market.


The statement comes from Nokia business smartphones chief Ilari Nurmi in an interview with ZDNet UK, who also claimed that Nokia has great converged device plans for MeeGo. It seems the Finns aren’t watching statistics, as Symbian keeps losing market share in favor of Android and they hold on tight to their sibling, although it’s a pretty handicapped one, we must say.

Nokia, we know you love your good old OS that made you famous, but in these modern times you don’t even have a native touch-supporting platform to brag with. Every multitouch experience you tried to provide was pitiful… Enough with the Symbian! Now let the Symbian haters come!

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