Nokia has just started sending invitations to journalists and people involved in the telecom biz, for an event taking place on February 13th in Barcelona. We consider this to be part of the MWC 2011 pre-show and we’re pretty sure that Nokia will showcase something interesting two weeks from now.


Recent speculations point towards a new and unnamed MeeGo device, one that might include a very powerful camera, if we’re to believe the folks who dissected the MeeGo camera drivers. According to a comment on the Mobile Review forums, these drivers indicate that we could seen a camera on the future Nokia unit with a maximum resolution of 4416 x 3312 pixels, translating to 14.6 megapixels.

The people poking their noses in MeeGo code found that 720p and 1080p will be supported and decoding will be aided by an Intel Medfield SOC solution. So, we’re expecting a smartphone with a 14MP camera 1080p capture, possibly with a potent CPU… Sounds good? Let’s hope Nokia won’t let us down.

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