Peter, a Nokia fan and mobile phone enthusiast from Finland has designed a great concept interface for Nokia handsets running Windows Phone 7. The OS looks exactly like in the images below, replacing tiles with cubes and giving an extra dimension to the UI. These Live Cubes provide 4 equatorial sides, each with an option available.


For example, the Messaging Cube can be rotated to provide extra features, like sending a new text, viewing the received messages or the sent ones. This innovation keeps the look of the Metro UI intact and adds a welcome 3D effect to it. There’s another idea also coming from Peter: Secondary Tiles.

These are used to display additional content from the Master Cube. This Secondary Tile points to the Master Cube using a small arrow and these tiles can be double in width or double in height, given their importance. Last, there’s another great idea, involving a long press of a Cube, that opens up other tiles around it.

For example, the Internet Explorer Cube, if long pressed, makes all the cubes around it turn into related ones, displaying your favorite websites or the last ones you’ve browsed. I hope Nokia and Microsoft see these, since the ideas here are simply great!

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