In case you didn’t know, Nokia has a pretty big plant in Romania, at Jucu and this is where the latest leak concerning the Finns’ first Windows Phone 7 unit originated. Engadget received info and a render of the first WP7 Nokia device, that we show you below. One of the factory’s employees is the author of the leak.


Also, giving more credibility to the info is the fact that Razvan Petrescu, Nokia Romania country manager said that security will be tighter at the local factories and the employee responsible with the leak will be punished. Sadly, no specs were leaked, but what we can see here looks like a 4 inch Nokia smartphone running Windows Phone 7.

I wonder which company will be angrier when they learn of this major leakage… Microsoft or Nokia? If this is the really the line that Nokia is following, their future hardware should be brilliant! Since the iPhone 4 prototype was lost in April last year and now this happens, should we consider this month a cursed one for phone makers?

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