Twitter for iPhone is now available over here, in the latest version you’ve been waiting for. Tweetie is now gone, being replaced with the official Twitter app for Apple’s handset, complete with a new icon and many new features, that get detailed after the screenshot below.

Ex-Tweetie, now Twitter brings a reorganized search option, allowing you to search all tweets and find users in the same spot, plus view Top Tweets and Browse Suggested users. Your search results will now include Top Tweets, that should make a nice combo with Trends.

Another nifty feature is the one allowing you to use Twitter even if you don’t have an account! Also, you’ll search, browse users and view trends and top tweets without being a Twitter user. The iPhone app supports sign-up, plus a Suggested user list and you’ll also be able to add a second account in the Accounts and Settings section.

Tweet rendering has been a bit tweaked, while the Retweet has been moved to the main actions bar, in case you’re looking for finishing touches.

[via 9to5mac]

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