The king of the rroma from Romania is apparently the owner of a pretty unique piece of jewelry that’s also a phone. It’s the boomerang-looking thingie shown below, a device estimated to be worth 1 million euros.



It’s adorned with solid gold and diamonds, some of them placed around that dial under the screen. The boomerang shape is kind of odd and apparently this is more of a treasure than a real phone, since its owner, Dan Stanescu doesn’t use it for phone calls, instead showing it off at official meetings and special events. This is a phone that’s unique in Romania and probably in Europe, being one of the most expensive handsets out there.

It looks to me like a Nokia that’s been heavily tweaked and apparently this model has its own Swiss engineer, who comes in from Switzerland and checks up on the phone when it’s damaged. Now this is a boomerang I wouldn’t throw…

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