Philips brings a fresh and simple looking music phone. It turns out to be cheap too, although the specification list gives good reasons for that.


Philips E100 surely doesn’t aim at a high end tag. Its 1.8 inch display with a resolution of 160×128 pixels is nothing special. The same goes for its 2MB internal memory, long outdated by most other handsets on the market.

Its music side is developed through an inbuilt radio and the possibility of expanding the phone’s memory through a microSD card slot. That solves the problem of space for all the songs, but we would have never thought that things can stand otherwise with a music phone.

Philips E100 certainly looks like it targets teenagers with love for music, but low budget. The device will be out for a tiny price of about USD 60, although there are few chances that it will be spotted at US operators.

[via: engadgetmobile]

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