The debut of BlackBerry 10 OS is scheduled on January 30, 2013, but till then we’re in for some teasers, like the one posted below. RIM decided to get some hype around its new devices and OS, by posting the back of a new handset, with a bunch of inspiration words near it, like “re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented”.


We’ve seen the L Series and N Series from RIM leaking a bunch of times, enough to know that we’re in for a treat. This is what looks like a touch only smartphone with a camera unit on the top left side and a nice texture at the back, looking like a black golf ball. The volume rocker and power key are also visible. From what we know so far, BB 10 OS will treat to us to a virtual keyboard with an unique and very good prediction system, a lot of swiping gestures, no physical or capacitive buttons and a dock area that resembles Symbian a bit.

It also has live thumbnails for apps that are running at a certain time, probably Android app compatibility somehow and a nifty notification system, showing your notifications on the left side with a single gesture. There’s also the Time Shift camera function, allowing you to sync faces of a blinking person and one with open eyes in the same picture. But more about that in January!

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