Samsung has been on a roll this week and although it’s not Computex time yet, they held a few presentations regarding a new generation of battery and camera for phones. Well, they also debated new display technology, including new display drivers.



Samsung’s latest driver IC technology allows it to work with a 720p panel, up to a Quad HD one. The display driver IC will be used both in the low cost handset production lines and in the high res ones. Screen factories in China are the aim here. The new system improves the resolution of the screen and reduces power usage. Flexible display resolutions can be managed, achieving a jump from Full HD to Quad HD or straight from 720p to Quad HD.

There’s talk about upscaling, by using the mobile application processor and all of that for the sake of power saving. The idea of upscaling sounds to me a bit like cheating. We’ll soon have Quad HD-ready phones, which means they’re not exactly Quad HD, but almost there. Remember the confusion of HD-ready TVs? Expect it to happen again for handsets.





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