Samsung is officially canning the Galaxy Note 7 phablet, after the series of incidents related to the product has lead to its inevitable demise. Samsung offered an official statement, saying that it’s ending all the sales of the smartphone. We expected that to happen after the production stop we wrote about yesterday.


Replacements are also stopped, since the second gen Note 7s “problem proof” models got into some problems of their own. A source close to Sammy says that they’re looking into also halting the mass production. It all started around September 1st, when dozens of Note 7 models were confirmed to have caught fire or exploded. A 2.5 million unit recall followed, some refunds and replaced units.

People were getting Note 7s models with a green battery indicator over the past week, showing everything is OK. Well, it’s not, since at least 4 replacements units also exploded or caught fire, one during a flight, that had to be evacuated. Samsung can’t seem to fix the Note 7 battery no matter what, so its production process is probably flawed.

Carriers and retailers will stop selling the product, refunds and replacement phones from Samsung will be offered, as the investigation continues. It’s a sad day for Samsung and for smartphones in general, especially since the Note 7 was a contender for “phone of the year”. Hopefully Samsung will learn something from this and make the Galaxy S8 better, smarter and safer.

via Phone Arena