Don’t let the unknown name fool you, Sharp SH-01A is not one neglectable little gadget. FCC just got to play with the handset, but there are almost no chances to see it out on the US market. It might just be too much to handle.


Sharp SH-01A has an 8 megapixel CCD sensor and 28mm wide-angle lens, so it sounds like most other camera phones on the US market eat its dust when it comes to taking pictures. The case is different in Japan, the country of origin for this device, where high technology is much higher than in other places around the world.

The phone also includes Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound and microSD memory card slot as less impressive features. Even so, it leaves no room for hope that the US market is ready for accepting and handling such evolved Japanese technology.

All chances are that Sharp SH-01A is now being tested for roaming purposes on the North American shores, but might not make it for a longer stay than this short visit.

[via: ubergizmo]

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