In a surprising move, the US Government decided to make the iPhone jailbreak and unlocking legal, also allowing users to run third party apps on the handset. This new decision applies to other cellphones as well, that can now be unlocked on multiple carriers.

The Associated Press claims that the Government approved a couple of new exemptions to a federal law preventing users from messing with copyrighted works. This means that users can now unlock phones to use on unapproved carriers, so even if AT&T is selling the iPhone exclusively, you’ll still unlock it and use it on T-Mobile’s network, for example.

This wasn’t the only exemption made by Government, as they’ve also announced that it’s now OK to break videogame protections in order to investigate security flaws. Plus, college professors, film students and documentary makers are allowed to break copy protection on video DVDs, in order to embed clips for commentary, criticism and other noncommercial purposes.

We wonder if jailbreaking still voids the warranty on the iPhone under the new legislation… Any ideas?

[via appleinsider]