Rumour has it that the handsets we’re about to discuss are part of the entire 2009 Verizon roadmap, but we suggest you take this info with a huge grain of salt. We’re wondering what happened to Touch Pro2 and why the device is not on the list, that was leaked courtesy of “SnapDude”.


The roadmap for the next months debuts with LG Chocolate Touch VX8575, the fourth handset in the Chocolate series to be sold by Verizon and probably a full touchscreen phone. Next comes BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 (should be launched in October/November), followed by a couple of Nokias (2705 and 7705) and Palm Treo 800W.

Moto Entice W766 also joins the pack, next to Samsung Rogue U960, a Glyde replacement, Samsung U450, Samsung Strut U440, with a full QWERTY keyboard on board and Omnia II i920, slated for Xmas. Finally, the last to join the roadmap are Motorola V860, Samsung Convoy U640, Casio Rock C731 and Casio Brigade C741, all of them push to talk devices.

[via PhoneDog]