Vodafone recently started selling the hot BlackBerry Storm handset in the UK for free, but with a contract that keeps the carrier happy and running. Verizon plans a similar move for the US, or so claim the latest rumours. The Storm costs about $500 without a plan, so it would be a wallet killer to buy during this economical depression.


Analysts say that we’ll probably see the Storm competing with the iPhone during the holiday season and being sold by Verizon for something like $150 or even $99. However, the (un)lucky owners of the red hot BlackBerry will have to pay $80 per month for the BlackBerry email and calling plan, which might not tempt so many people to become early adopters of the device.

Verizon’s not doing so well, since AT&T starting cashing in thanks to the iPhone, so they need a holiday blockbuster to recover. Storm could be the perfect candidate, but only if it comes with an incredible price or for free.

Plus, the carrier will enter the new BlackBerry touchscreen era, with the aid of Storm, so BB fanatics will surely want to try the upgrade.

[via techland.blogs.fortune.cnn]

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