If you’re tired of your good old Vertu, you should know that there’s a new Versace Phone in town, one that’s adorned with leather, steel and diamonds. Versace has already been in the phone biz through the Unique fashion handset series, first seen in May last year. The new model will come with a touchscreen and camera and in the following lines you’ll learn more about its design.


The device is created in partnership with LG and it comes with lizard and crocodile leather, as an extra from the unit in 2010. Versace’s new handset comes with the famous logo of the Medusa head engraved on the back, near the camera and it uses stainless steel in its housing. The case is decorated with yellow gold, alligator skin and white ceramics.

There’s also the option of decorating your Versace phone with yellow gold, ceramics and black crocodile skin. A third version of the Versace Phone uses hand polished stainless steel and black ceramic, while two other models will rely on much more expensive elements. These include a special PVD coating, stainless steel, 18 g of pure gold and diamonds (120 stones on each).

No info on the price, but I’m sure it’s a big one.

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