Since the Galaxy S II is available in white in a couple of locations in the USA and the Nokia N9 recently got this color as well, why not also make the Droid RAZR Snow White? The handset will be available today on Verizon in this color version starting today and I guess that the price shouldn’t be hugely different from the black version.


Motorola seems to have been conservative about this design, keeping the black bezel on the handset the same and only making white the edges and rear of the smartphone. The product won’t have any specs changed and the white Droid RAZR will be yours in both Verizon stores and online, for about $300 on contract. Having recently reviewed an unit of this handset, I have to say that it has a great camera, great CPU and maybe you’ll even like that flashy interface covering Gingerbread.

Also, keep in mind that this will be one of the first phones in 2012 to get Android Ice Cream Sandwich. I wonder if the customized UI on top of Android will be kept once the new OS version arrives… What do you say?

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