Microsoft has just recently shown the world a brand new video, that features their future services and platforms, all of them based on Windows Mobile. This is not by any means a Windows Mobile version we’ve ever seen in action, but we can tell that it runs on familiar devices.


The screenshots you can see integrated in this article are taken from the video, thanks to a LiveJournal blog, named Mac-rulezzz and they reveal a bunch of interesting aspects. A trained eye will surely notice the presence of HTC Touch Pro, Touch HD and T-Mobile Dash in these pictures, plus the XPERIA X1.


Most of them are able to run Windows Mobile 6.5 and they’ll probably be used to test Windows Mobile 7, as well. What we notice from the start is an IM app, a large WM 7 orb and the media player interface. This brings us back to the Zune-like UI shots we’ve seen before, especially the Twist interface on top of the screen.

In the end T-Mobile Dash is shown running a video streaming app and the device handles it quite nicely. For the full video and more details on Microsoft’s demo clip, be sure to check out the link below.


[via wmpoweruser]