In case you’re wondering what the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 will be about, you should know that in the following lines you’ll learn all you need to know. The software brings new Bing services, turn by turn voice directions for Bing Maps and voice recognition SMS messaging.


Among the new features in Windows Phone 7.5 there’s Bing Audio, a Shazam-like service integrated into the Bing search window. You’ll record a bit of the song you’re listening to, after pressing the Bing Audio button on the bottom toolbar and once a match is found, you’ll be shown a Marketplace result and given the chance to stream the song, download or purchase it.

Another addition to WP7 is Bing Vision, a search service based on the handset’s camera. This one allows you to scan barcodes, Microsoft Tags, QR Codes, books, DVDs, CDs and text via OCR technology. Also, native support for podcasts with download support has been confirmed, so now you can subscribe to podcasts, download them and stream them, all from the same handset.

Native turn by turn directions will be provided with WP7.5, as well as SMS messaging via voice recognition. We’ll learn more about this once May 24th comes and Microsoft reveals more info.

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