We all know that Windows Phone 7 will most likely be launched in 2010, but do we really know enough about this platform? For example, we’re not really acquainted with the Office hub of the OS, so videos like the ones below might come in handy. Native Office support will be included on the new platform and its features are described as seen right here:


The first clip shows the email and calendar segments of the Office hub, with a pretty neat experience, specially if you take into account the fact that you can open a PowerPoint filed straight from your email client. Afterwards, you can edit it on the go and send it back to the original source.

The second vid shows the Word editor in action, with some pretty impressive feats, plus the integration between the documents on the device and those available via cloud. We simply love the great UI of the Office hub, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the OS and based entirely on touch interaction, scrolling, flipping and beautiful transitions.

[via Softpedia]

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