If you’re wondering what the deal with those Hubs on Windows Phone 7 Series is, you’ll get your answer from the video below. This is a concise clip, showing the main features of new mobile platform made by Microsoft, so you might want to check it out if you plan on being a future user:


The video was filmed during an interview taking place along with the Microsoft MVP Summit. What you see in it is a Windows Phone 7 prototype, maybe made by ASUS or LG and its cool features are showcased in the vid above. Meanwhile, we learn that Microsoft has set up a blog right here, for the developers it works with and here you can find all the news about WP 7.

Back to the video presentation of WP 7, we can see the unlock screen and Start menu in action on the prototype, complete with Hubs and widgets. The info is personalized in this menu, so you can move around icons or remove them. We must mention that the Xbox Live and email features are accessible from the Start menu, just like Internet Explorer and Zune.

A click on the People hub shows the contacts you’ve called recently, a full list of all contacts, plus their profiles. In the same menu, you’ll be able to look for friends and family, by their names, using their first letter. The Back physical button on the smartphone takes you to the Start menu once again, where we have a short look at the Xbox Live features.

We learn that some games will run both on WP 7 handsets and the Xbox 360 console, with the achievements and gamer points being kept on both platforms. As far as social networking is concerned, Windows Live will be your primary hub, connecting the features of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and much more. If you want more info about WP 7, don’t forget to check out the Windows Phone 7 Series Backstage.

[via mobilityminded]

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