Windows Phone devices now have their own Cydia alternative, the Bazaar, that allows you to install homebrew software on your WP7 handset. Ever since ChevronWP7 Labs, people have been messing with the OS, trying to get a more user-friendly approach to installing apps on it, not only those available on the Marketplace. The XDA community came through again and Bazaar was launched as an early beta for people who are interested.


The Marketplace alternative doesn’t have any strict rules or prices and also it won’t host cracked or pirated apps, so you’re on the safe side. It will rather be a haven for homebrew apps and the work of developers who don’t want to turn into mainstream providers for Marketplace software. The problem with this solution is that the user is required to have a DFT, NextGen or Deepshining Custom ROM installed on the phone. That’s a pretty big limitation, if you ask me…

Right now, this beta version of the app only allows browsing at the moment, but real homebrew apps will come as soon as possible. Devs are looking forward for feedback at the time, so feel free to provide it. In the future releases, you will be provided with the option of adding ratings and comments to apps, submitting new apps, online search, managing favourite apps and much more. Want to have a go at this solution?

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