The SteelSeries WoW MMO Gaming Mouse is perfect for those World of Warcraft fans dying to get their hands on yet another gadget that will help them smithe their foes. However we can’t help noticing the resemblance between the mouse and Vertu Ascent, the expensive mobile phone.

SteelSeries WoW MMO Gaming Mouse comes with 15 programmable buttons and colored LEDs plus a price of under $100, far less than the Vertu it looks like. Notice those cool WoW-based logos and symbols on it? This makes me think about a potential WoW phone, hopefully not made by Vertu, as fanatic MMO players might not be wealthy enough to spend their savings on such a device. For am FPS gaming mouse, precision and quickness matter a lot. Grip, price, illumination features are other important aspects to look into but aside from the features and other stuff, you need to know how the mouse feels in your hand. Guru Verdict has a much detailed review regarding the mouse you might want to check out.

Search for this laser mouse in your local shops starting November 13th (the day that Lich King comes out).

[via Engadget Mobile]