If you’re new in town and have no clue on where to get your next sushi meal, Yahoo! Mobile has a solution for you: the Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search app. Available on the iPhone and iPod touch for now, the software was recently demoed in front of the camera during CTIA 2010, as you can see below:


The iPhone user in the video wants to find a place to eat in San Francisco, but he doesn’t know the town that well. What to do? He opens Yahoo’s app, presses the green on-screen button and draws a selection of the town area he’s interested in, by using his finger. Immediately, a list of restaurants pops up, ratings and type of cuisine included.

The results can be filtered either by the cuisine type or by ratings and a very interesting extra is the “Directions” option, showing you the route to your favourite restaurant. Sketch-a-Search will soon be available via the App Store for free.

[via mobilewhack]

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