The Russian edition of Forbes has confirmed that the YotaPhone 3 handset is being developed right now, with plans to debut it in about a year and a half. The newcomer has a long time till it gets released, since the YotaPhone 2 was barely launched this month.


yotaphone 3

The first unit was the YotaPhone 1, developed by the Russian company Yota Devices and it went on sale on December 27, 2013. President Putin gave a new generation YotaPhone to Chinese officials during their visit in Russia and highlighted a potential Chinese-Russian partnership for future models. These devices stand out through the use of dual screens, one at the front and one at the back.

YotaPhone 2 relies on a 5 inch AMOLED display for movie viewing and such tasks, plus an extra black and white 4.7 inch E Ink screen for notifications and ebook reading. Sources close to the development of the new YotaPhone 3 claim that it may come with solar battery technology, special tactile feedback, improved speakers and a “virtual camera used for communication”. A magnetic charger like the MacBook one is also being considered.

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